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Service Overview

We are fully integrated and equipped with the latest machinery, with the best professional staff, as well as the fully skilled labor for our weaving and stitching facilities. We believe on specialism and professionalism in textile processing. We are widely acknowledged to be experts experienced, efficient and reliable in all aspects of home textile processing by using most modern processing units available in Country.

We are dealing in fabric ranging from T120 to T500 thread counts. May it be soft and fine percales or the elegant and graceful Dobie’s and Jacquards, We specialize in ducks, satin, twill, drills and other weaves on regular basis. Before the quality inherited from the spinning is passed over to weaving and processing, the Greg fabric is checked thoroughly (according to international standards). All Greg is inspected by our quality assurance team to maintain our quality standards.

We provide our customers with a complete range in dying/prints. e.g. Azo Dyes, Disperse dyes, Fiber Reactive Dyes, Vat Dyes and others; we provide all according to the requirements of the customer. The processing handles multitude of colors prints them with eye-catching designs (up to 16 colors) and finally imparts perfect finishes (according to specifications of Customers).

Cut and Sew: The unit is comprises of various types of machines to produce high quality of following products covering different range of customize requirements.

  •  Fitted Sheets, Flat sheets
  •  Duvet Cover Set / Quilt Cover Set
  •  Decorative Curtains with or without lining
  •  Pillowcases, Bolster, Shams and Cushion
  •  Quilted Comforters and Bedspread
  •  Kitchen and Tea Towels


Having extendable monthly production capacity is:

 Fitted/ Flat Sheets 1 Million Pieces
 Duvet Cover Set Over 100,000 Sets
 Curtains Over 100,000 Pieces
 Filled Comforters Over 20,000 Pieces
 Quilted Throw Over 20,000 Pieces
 Kitchen and Tea Towels Over 500,000 Pieces


We work for the best quality of services for our clients and our clients appreciate us for that

Why Choose Us?

There are companies that boast of similar integrated setups and higher capacities, so what makes ‘Aziz Sons’ so special that you should choose it. Following are some of the characteristics that differentiate us:

Product Focus: – We believe in focusing on just one line of work and doing it right. That’s why Aziz Sons is only into Home Textiles and accessories. Specialization enables us to give our customers superior quality at better prices.

Customer Focus: – We give our Customers the individualized one to one attention that is required to satisfy each Customers Sales satisfaction with their Customers. Our sales team keeps in steady communication with our Customers throughout the span of the orders, with the higher Management getting involved personally from time to time to reinforce the effort.

Capable Team: – Superiority in performance requires that the human resources behind such performance are correspondingly exceptional. Aziz Sons has been able to retain a very professional Management Team. Our top management is qualified both in terms of educational background as well as textile exposure. That is why we are able to offer unmatchable service levels.